Jan 2018
15th Electronic workshop Course at Longlea for the young folk. Volunteers needed. If you are available please contact Ross VK3ZNR
19th Monthly Meeting. Activity: Planning for the clubs community presence at Australia Day in Bendigo on the 26th and at Axedale Shear Day on the 27th
26th AustraliaDay.
27th Axedale Big Shear Day.

Feb 2018
16th Annual General Meeting. Activity: Annual 'Home Brew' competition where members present projects they have completed in the past year.

Mar 2018
16th Monthly Meeting.Activity: TBA.
17th-18th John Moyle Memorial Field Day Contest Annual Field Day Contest for 2018 for Portable and Mobile stations especially, but supported by Home Stations.

Apr 2018
20th Monthly Meeting.Activity: TBA.
21st-22nd Okeefe Challenge

May 2018
18th Test Monthly Meeting. Activity: TBA.

Jun 2018
15th Monthly Meeting. Activity: TBA.
TBA Annual Dinner:

Jul 2018
20th Monthly Meeting. Activity: TBA.

Aug 2018
17th Monthly Meeting.Activity: TBA.

Sep 2018
21st Monthly Meeting. Activity: TBA.

Oct 2018
19th Monthly Meeting. Activity: TBA.

Nov 2018
16th Monthly Meeting.Activity: TBA.

Dec 2018
TBA End of Year Breakup.
NO Monthly Meeting in December?.

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